Casajoana Consulting was founded by Erika Casajoana in
Washington, DC in February 2004 to provide public opinion
research, political and media training services and strategic
communications advice to campaigns, corporations and
organizations for an optimal use of mass media to reach targeted

Erika Casajoana, president, has over 10 years of experience in
political management, media training, strategic communications and
international public affairs.  She graduated from Columbia
University's School of International and Public Affairs with a Master
of International Affairs, and holds a Master in European Studies
and a law license from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

She is a registered lobbyist at the European Parliament. She has
worked in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the former Soviet Union
and Asia. She currently lectures on lobbyism at the Universitat
Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and the Public Relations School (ESRP)
adscribed to the University of Barcelona.

Prior to founding Casajoana Consulting, Ms. Casajoana honed her
skills in political survey analysis and  qualitative research with stints
in Washington at Lake Snell Perry & Associates and Ipsos U.S.
Public Affairs.  

She has served as Senior Associate at the public relations and
public affairs multinational Burson-Marsteller; as Director of Europe
at First International Resources, a political communications firm of
Fort Lee, New Jersey; and as advisor to the successful 1999
reelection campaign of the president of Catalonia, Mr. Jordi Pujol.

Ms. Casajoana is a regular columnist in the opinion section of
Spanish newspaper
La Vanguardia.  She also contributes articles on
political consulting to the Latin American political website and is a radio commentator for Barcelona-based
Catalunya Ràdio.  She writes on international affairs in the
Deia, El Temps and Relleu.  She was a contributor to
the Encyclopedia of Nationalism, edited by Alexander J. Motyl and
published by Academic Press in 2000.  

Apart from her native Catalan and Spanish, she speaks English,
German and French, and is able to work in Italian and Portuguese.

Erika Casajoana is a member of the International Association of
Political Consultants (IAPC) and of the Association of Accredited
Lobbyists at the European Parliament (AALEP).

"Erika made a splendid
contribution to our seminar.
 She explained in a clear and
didactic form diverse
practical aspects of the
organization of an electoral
campaign.  Lecturers who,
like her, have the virtue of
presenting their knowledge
accurately and with grace,
ensure the success of any
event of this nature.  
Participants evaluated her
performance very positively,
with an eloquent 10/10".

Alvaro Mejía López.  
Former Colombian Senator
and coordinator of the
international seminary
"Conquering Voters",
Cartagena de Indias,  
September 2005.

"Erika is a very reliable
professional and a good
person to have on your
team.  Having her in our
team proved crucial to
successfully complete a
complex exit poll
assignment in the former
Soviet Union".  

Craig Charney, Ph. D.
Charney Research,
New York, USA
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